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Before ordering birds,
please read the following:

  1. Sign up must be completed Sun prior to training.
  2. We are into our warm months so 7:00 am is start up time.. I suggest we get there at 6:30 am . Lateness won't be tolerated, your birds will be sold . We need to go to our field by 7.
  3. It is not advisable to sign up 2 weeks early, That gets confusing when you are handling many orders.
  4. A visiting handler and dog are accepted but NO guest, no wives, no husbands , gf, bf and no kids This may change as the season continues but for now we must limit and follow the rules.

If you order birds and do not show up, we will attempt to sell your birds. If we cannot sell your birds then you will be responsible for the cost of those birds.

Everyone who is training must be a member of both the Del-Val Chapter and NAVHDA International. (The exception is first-time clinic attendees). Please do not bring your membership dues and application form to the training clinic - send them to Treasurer, Morten Nilsen as described on the application form.

Please be sure to bring bird bags and, if you're doing water work, something to carry your duck in.

Everybody should come with at least one box of 20g and one box of 12g shells, and provide shells to the people who are gunning for you.

All dead game must be removed from the training grounds, so please bring something to put dead game in. Do not put dead birds in the trash cans in or near the WMA where we are training.

Please note that pigeons cannot be shot!.

Finally, remember the spirit of NAVHDA and help others train their dogs as they help you!

Thanks. Please click here to order birds.