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VC Clearrun's Ilka VD Wildburg,
NA Prize II, UT Prize I,VC

Ilka is my first hunting dog. She is a tightly linebred Wildburg bitch from N.J (Tankard's Native Son x Timberdoodle's Ashley Wildburg). I had a previous puppy from the same sire that met with an untimely death in January 1995. I got Ilka in May of 96' and she has been everything I expected from day one. She was an absolute natural requiring little training in the field. She was a little slower to take to water but once she realized there were ducks out there, she became a relentless duck searcher. She is tireless in the field going day after day in the heavy CRP cover of Kansa and South Dakota with no let up. In the grouse woods she has the uncanny ability of showing to the front just as you are about to call her or ask your partner if they have seen your dog lately.

She received a Prize II in N/A due to tracking, one of her better talents now. I entered Ilka in utility prep tests at one and a half but she did not prize. A year later everything came together for her and I and she received a UT Prize I with 200 points.

Ilka is a very quick learner, She figured out the blind retrieve the first time we attempted it. The problem was that she also figured out it was not her favorite thing to do. However, she did her blind retrieve the day she had to, during the 2000' Invitational. She handled nine finds in the field and ended with 195 points. Whether we are hunting the large open fields of Kansas or sleeping together (only on weekend mornings you understand) she is a joy to be with. I couldn't have asked for more from my first GSP.

Judy Mogor

VC Clearrun's Freda VD Wildburg MH,
NA Prize I, UT Prize I,VC

I purchased Freda from Fred Singer of Abilene, KS. She is out of Enloe's Ringneck RADAR x Esser's Kitt von der Wildburg. She is a product of Fred Singer's decade old line breeding program. Anyone subscribing to the "GSP News" or "Shorthair" should be familiar with Fred's ads. I bought her sight unseen based on Fred's recommendation that she was special and could do some great things for me. I started trialing her immediately and received puppy and derby wins. I entered her in a NAVHDA NA test at the age of exactly 6 months and she received a Prize I. She placed fourth in a New England grouse trial out of 10 setters and pointers. She was definitely going to be something special.

I put her out on the field trial circuit for one season. She got placements, including a third out of 20 dogs in the Fall Sunflower club trial in 97', but was not winning. I decided she had been away from home long enough and brought her home to get her ready for NAVHDA UT and use her for what I really enjoyed, hunting wild birds. I received more motivation when my wife, Judy, received a Prize I with her dog, Ilka and told me she was going to the 2000 Invitational with or without me!

Freda received a 185 Prize III in her first UT test. I tested her the following year and received a 188 Prize I. The rest of the story is provided in the September 2000' issue of the NAVHDA magazine. Freda was one of six dogs to receive a maximum score (200) at the 2000' Invitational. Both her and Ilka qualified due in large part to help we received at DELVAL training clinics. We would especially like to acknowledge the help we received from our training partners Glenn Basko and Jim Shields. Glenn's guidance for blind retrieve training was invaluable!

Randy Mogor